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Keiretsu Forum Launches New Angel Investor Chapter in Texas

Cindi Sutera | Published on 8/22/2023

 Keiretsu Forum, the world’s largest and most active global network of early-stage accredited angel investors, is expanding its reach by launching in North Texas. The new Chapter will offer entrepreneurs and investors the opportunity to access resources, mentoring, and investments in the North Texas startup ecosystem. Howard Lubert, the Regional President of Keiretsu Forum’s Mid-Atlantic and South-East Regions is joined by Austin based Hall Martin who will become the Vice President of the Texas Region.

They are joined by Dallas based Kirk Otis who has been working as the North Texas Chapter President for the last 10 months. Keiretsu Forum will host monthly virtual Screening, Forum, and educational workshops online as well as quarterly live in-person meetings hosted by FBFK in Plano where chapter members will meet to discuss active deal flow in the North Texas ecosystem along with the national Keiretsu deal flow actively funding. 

Howard Lubert brought Keiretsu Forum to the east coast in 2011 to provide accredited investor members with high-quality deal flow while connecting entrepreneurs with capital and resources. With 50+ Chapters across 4 continents, Keiretsu Forum has established itself as a global angel investment network leader. In fact, Keiretsu Forum ranked #1 nationally by the Angel Resource Institute’s (ARI) 2022 Annual HALO Report  for greatest activity in the Seed/Series A sector.

"The launch of our North Texas Chapter is an important step forward for Keiretsu Forum," said Randy Williams, Keiretsu Forum’s Founder and President. "We are excited to be able to bring our innovative model for early-stage investing, and exceptional deal flow to this region. We will continue to work closely with Hall Martin throughout the region, and with Kirk as he continues to establish Keiretsu Forum in North Texas."

Hall Martin has been active in the Texas startup ecosystem for 15+ years. In 2006, he founded the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) which is headquartered in Austin. CTAN members have invested over $125 million in 208 companies. Hall also founded Texas Entrepreneur Networks (TEN Capital) in 2009 to provide entrepreneurial leadership for early and growth-stage companies in Texas. Today TEN Capital helps startups and growth companies everywhere raise venture funding. “Working with Keiretsu Forum, I can bring access to a broader range of experienced advisors and investors, streamline the process of raising capital, and enhance local investor portfolios with a diverse stream of deal flow,” says Martin.

In ARI's 2022 HALO Report, Keiretsu Forum earned the #2 spot for deal flow in Texas, falling just behind Houston Angels. The report highlights that 60% of deals in Texas are funded locally, while 40% of angel investment comes from outside the state. “Keiretsu Forum proudly boasts a substantial share of Texas deal flow, having invested in notable companies such as Maxwell Biosciences, Corinnova Inc., and Wavetech Group. Our goal is to continue cultivating deal flow within the North Texas ecosystem, connecting founders and funders while leveraging the extensive Keiretsu Forum network,” says Otis.

Kirk Otis comes to Keiretsu with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. He has 25+ years of business development, acquisition, restructuring, M&A and new venture experience. The next Keiretsu Forum North Texas meeting at FBFK Plano will take place on Wednesday, September 27, 2023. For more information or to register, please email